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Jennifer Brisco
Master Student in Data Visualization

I am a second year (approximately) Graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Data Visualization, who is also working full time for ITaP in Informatics. I have a bachelor’s in Computer Graphics Technology, focused on web design and development. At the moment, I am trying to find a thesis topic. I do believe I have narrowed it down to accessibility in data visualization, which an inclination towards machine learning/personal assistant apps. I also am looking into maps and the spatial accessibility that goes with them.

Contact me: jbrisco@purdue.edu

Project Title:

Xiao Lei
Master Student in Computer Graphics Technology

I am a first-year student at Purdue University pursuing a master’s degree in Computer Graphics Technology. I have a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, and my master’s focus is on graphics programming. I also have intern experience with C++/C# programming and Unity development. My main interests are in game engineering, real-time rendering, simulation, augmented reality, etc. Currently, I am working with Dr. Byrd and Dr. Parsons on a collaborative & interactive data visualization project on HoloLens. We hope to create a highly flexible software framework on HoloLens that supports interaction and experience sharing on data visualization. And we are also considering conducting a research on user’s experience with collaborative & interactive AR data visualization.

Contact me: lei62@purdue.edu

Project Title:

Collaborative Data Visualization on HoloLens

Pradeep Periasamy
Master Student in Computer Graphics Technology

Pradeep is a Computer Graphics Researcher who aims to put technological inventions to use. Pradeep’s research interests are Virtual Reality, User Research, User Experience, Data Visualisation, 3D Simulations, Generative Adversarial Network, Deep Learning, Data Analytics and Tangible User Interfaces. Pradeep has worked with Amazon, Xerox, Sprinklr, Treebo, Defense Research and Development Organization, India, MIT Media Labs, EI Labs-Indian Institute of Technology and couple of his own ventures before getting back to school for his Masters. Pradeep’s hobbies include trekking, playing guitar, composing music and discussing entrepreneurial ideas.

Contact me: pperiasa@purdue.edu

Project Title:

Generative Adversarial Networks for Lupus Diagnostics

Kalika Lacy
Undergraduate Student in Electrical Engineering

Hello, my name is Kalika (Kali) Lacy, and I’m a second-year student at Purdue University. I’m majoring in Electrical Engineering with minors in statistics and global engineering studies. This year, I’m involved with the statistics living learning community (STAT-LLC) where my interests in statistics and data visualization have been piqued. Through this community, I have received a great opportunity to work with Dr. Byrd and her lab. This will be my first experience participating undergraduate research, and I plan to be involved with different math conferences including University of North Carolina, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and University of Texas in order to learn more about data analysis and also to present my research with Dr. Byrd.

Contact me: kqlacy@purdue.edu

Project Title:

Elizabeth McGuckin
Undergraduate Student in Data Visualization

I am a third year student at Purdue University pursuing an undergraduate degree in Data Visualization. This academic year I will be conducting Data Visualization research regarding the lab’s research topic of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) in relation to adolescents who suffer from this disease. I have the opportunity to work with my research professor, Dr. Byrd, and collaborators from Riley’s Children Hospital on IRB approved SLE data. In addition to working in Dr. Byrd's lab, I actively participate on Purdue's campus through my role as a Resident Assistant in Hillenbrand Hall and as Vice President of Personal Relations for the Purdue Marketing Association.

Contact me: emcgucki@purdue.edu

Project Title:

Secondary Data Analysis of Juvenile Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: identifying areas on unmet need using data visualization

Danielle Qiuhan Zhang
Undergraduate Student in BIM and Data Visualization

Danielle Qiuhan Zhang is a junior at Purdue University, studying under the Computer Graphic Department, majoring Building Information Modeling and Data Visualization. Her most recent experience with Data Visualization research was a compiling a visualization project for CGT 270. After semester-long research and visualization, she was able to draw some collisions on the environmental causes of car accidents by using data publicized by the state of Maryland. This semester, she will be starting a new visualization research - Web-based visualization of medications, symptoms and their side effects with Dr. Byrd. The objectives of the project are (1) to identify common side-effects from medications prescribed in the treatment of lupus, (2) examine avenues for access to publically available data regarding the frequency of dosage of these medications, and (3) to visually represent this data in a meaningful and insightful way

Contact me: zhan2617@purdue.edu

Project Title:

Web-based Visualization of Medications, Symptoms and Their Side Effects

Jisoo (Jay) Hwang
Undergraduate Student in Data Visualization

Jay is a senior undergraduate student at Purdue University. Currently, she is majoring in Computer and Information Technology. She has experience in C# programming language and several analytics tools. She has a first Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Fashion. She is interested in how to perform data analysis and visualize it effectively. Her main interest is analyzing data and contributing to business operations and successful decision making. Jay plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Data Visualization at Purdue Graduate School and perform researches in medical and technology area.

Contact me: hwang@purdue.edu

Project Title:

Collaborative Data Visualization on HoloLens

Benjamin J. Carpenter
Undergraduate Student in CGT Web Programming and Design

I am currently a CGT Web Programming and Design Student with a minor in Management. I ahve a more technical background compared to research, and am excited to have this experience as a student researcher in The Byrd Vis Lab. Most of my interests are in visual design and using tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to create good-looking images. I will try to incorporate that into my research as well as I can to help develop the appeal of the outcome.


I look forward to working with everyone on the team in the next couple of semesters.

Contact me: carpen77@purdue.edu

Project Title:

Visualizing Symptom Clusters and Mistaken Diagnosis


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