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What Problems Do You Want To Solve?

The Byrd Data Vis Lab will help you figure
out a way to solve them.

"Visualization is a Catalyst for Communication, a Conduit for Collaboration, a Pathway to STEM, and 
Mechanism for Broadening Participation and Inclusion."   - Vetria L. Byrd, PhD, Director of Byrd Visualization Lab


Consider a degree in Data Visualization. Join the Byrd Data Visualization Lab and learn how to solve the problems you want to work on.

What is Data Visualization?

Data Visualization is an iterative process of transforming raw data into a visual representation that provides insight into what the data represents. Data visualization provides insight. Insight enables the analysis of data, informed decision making, discovery of new knowledge, and the explanation of complex data.  Insight enables storytelling through and about data.  Watch the video to the right for a more detailed description.

What can you do as a Data Visualization Specialist?

We live in a data-rich, data-enabled world. Understanding the data visualization process affords flexibility to work in any industry, discipline, every major, every sector in society where there is data to be analyzed and visualized. If you have the interest, the motivation, the ability to think creatively and broadly, you are only limited by your imagination.

Why is Data Visualization Important?

Data is everywhere. There is a demand for persons with data visualization skills in every discipline and industry. Having the
skills to transform data into something more meaningful and the capacity to represent data in a visual way affords flexibility to
go beyond being a generator and user of data to being a person who can make sense of data and present it in a visual way for broader audiences.

What problems do you want to solve?

Data visualization is about more than just pretty pictures. Data Visualization application can be seen in many applications (that include, but is not limited to):

Data Visualization Graphic.png

Director of Byrd Visualization Lab

Dr. Byrd is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Graphics Technology Department at Purdue University's Polytechnic Institute and is the director of the Byrd Visualization Laboratory.

Dr. Byrd has demonstrated a commitment to community engaged scholarship that involves multidisciplinary collaborative efforts, outreach, broadening participation and inclusion in data visualization. She embodies exemplary citizenship at the department, college, university levels and to the local and professional communities. Dr. Byrd's active involvement in research and community initiatives illustrates her strengths in service, engagement, discovery, teaching & learning, and leadership.


Knoy Hall, Purdue University

401 N. Grant Street, Office 371

West Lafayette, IN, 47907 USA

(765) 494-6335 Office

(712) 770-4632 Conference Line

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